Beginning an experiment

Dawn was playing with all colors. Outside I saw the roofs of houses were damaged somewhere.

In the distance I could see flashes, everywhere there were fragments of broken glass and not a single living soul. Even stray dogs, which in the morning rush under your feet with timid hope to have something to eat, had gone somewhere.

I decided to go to the end of the street in the direction of the flashes. Fear and curiosity mixed into one cocktail. Jogging shorts, just covering my ass, didn’t restrict my movements. Deciding that I could run down to the site of the outbreak in 20 minutes, without hesitation I moved forward.

Running up to the place where the flame was burning, it seemed to me that I heard the grinding sound. Terrible smell made me shudder, it was a hellish mix of something burning and some chemicals. A little further away there were several people - they did not move, they were standing like stone statues in the middle of the urban jungle. I noticed that there were men only, they had glass eyes, and they had run to something.

In the ruins I saw some movements. There sat an incredible creature. Its hands were spreading strange tentacles with suction cups, the bottom was closed with strange clothing more like a long and wide women's skirt. Its eyes were bright green and they could bring anyone into the hypnotic trans.

Judging that it is better to escape now, not like in the plots of Hollywood movies, when a hero had long talks with the enemy, I spun around and immediately felt something cold on my leg.

Long sticky ropes pulled me to the creature. In my head I clearly heard someone else's thought "Do not escape, we need specimens for experiments, nobody is going to destroy you". Having pulled me closer, it ran its hands over my hair, the chest, descending lower and lower.

It sprayed some fluid on my clothing and put me on my all fours. It began binding my hands and the feet. The fluid turned into nothing my shorts and a t-shirt. It was humiliating and disgusting because of cold entangling tentacles.

The monster came closer to me and then I saw what was hidden under the strange outfit.

One huge bone half of me size was bending and swaying showing its head more like a strange flower. Under that, a little further away, closer to the belly there was a huge bone very similar to a male penis. A sharp movement and it drew me lifting up and pulling on that boner.

Sharp electric shock pierced my body, making my body limp like a rag. Sharply spitting me on his cock, the creature began spreading my mouth with his tentacles, bringing the second boner over there. Spreading my tiny mouth up to the impossible hole it aggressively impaled me from both sides.

There was a feeling that through my whole body there was a trunk grown from top to bottom. It was hard violence. Gradually increasing the tempo his tentacles began twisting my nipples. Feeling the pain on one of my breasts, I saw that around the nipple there was an iron rim with engraved number.

The tentacles began fondling my clitoris, my breathing became heavy because of the boner in my mouth. Feeling that I no longer belonged to myself, and forced to be forever pinned between those two stakes, I lost my consciousness...

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