Sex with bisexuals

No foreplay. The fact is I turned out to be with three guys.

I was standing on my knees and there were nice big cocks right before my eyes. They were longing for fucking me in all my holes. My pussy was already dripping wet. I took two cocks in my hands began sucking them in turn, the third guy was jerking off in front of me. I was moaning like a bitch.

One guy took me by the hair and began pulling my mouth on his cock. He was driving it in me until it  stopped with crazy speed. Then the second one fucked me in the mouth as if I were the worst whore and threw me on the sofa. I stood on my all fours and stuck out my ass.

One of them put it in my mouth and the second one began fucking my pussy. They were fucking me in all possible ways. After a while I noticed that the guy that fucked me in the mouth was giving his head to the third guy. That made me turned on very much. They were moaning like two bitches.

The guy pulled it out of my hole and got down to sucking the cock of his friend. The one that fucked my mouth got a place from behind and sharply thrust his cock in my ass. My hole stretched very much and I groaned. His huge cock was driving in my ass very tight. I was moaning and he was pacing up fucking me. His balls were slapping over my cunt.

He  was fucking my hole while those two were blowing each other. They came closer to me. I climbed on one of them, his cock plunged into my pussy and the second got a place in my ass. They began moving together. There were two cocks in my slutty holes.

I was shouting and wriggling with pleasure. After a while the third guy shoved his cock in my mouth. They three were fucking me at crazy pace.

One of the guys, who was fucking me in the pussy, pulled his cock out and began inserting it in my ass. Oh, yes, how tight it is. I thought my ass would be broken. But he drove it in and they went on fucking.

Their cocks were driving in me and rubbing against each other. One guy got it out of my ass and gave it in the mouth of another guy. His lips just grasped his cock when he shot the huge stream of sperm. At the same time the other guy shot the load in my ass.

I felt myself a whore… a slut… when they smeared sperm over me.

I told them to lick my holes clean and while caressing my pussy I was watching them going on the orgy.

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