Monday morning

Monday morning.

You are still staying in our warm bed, and your darling in the robe on the naked body brought you a cup of tea.

Seeing this you threw the sheet off, showing your well-built young female body in the translucent short combination garment. Seductively stretched out, raising her hands up in the air. Through the transparent clothing there appeared the breasts full of temptation.

"What have you brought, my dear?" playfully and with naughtiness in your eyes you said.

Accompanying you, I said, "Sweetheart, I brought you a piece of happiness".

"Why only a piece? I want the whole pie, because this night we have spent so much energy. Oh, that’s my favorite cake! How did you know my wish?"

Taking a teaspoon, she began with an appetite eating that piece of cake and sipping fragrant black tea. With pleasure and a smile on the face I watched the pieces of cake disappearing in your mouth.

After you had eaten it, especially and effectively you took the oblong chocolate candy and put it in your scarlet lips.

"Come on, take it!"

The candy was only half in your mouth.

"You're my candy!" - I said, bringing my lips to yours.

You pushed the candy out of your mouth into mine, playfully saying:

"Take it. Take it all as tonight you were taking me. Take the whole of me, drink me entirely, as this wonderful night you were having me!"

The smell of morning freshness, the gentle warmth of your body made me so excited, that I got in you without any foreplay.

My dick seemed to tear you apart.

I felt like a knight galloping on a white horse, unaware of fatigue. You cheered me up, caressing my back and the buttocks with your soft hands.

Oh, God, what a beautiful Sunny morning we had that day. Our memory will save it for a long time!

Finally, tired exhausted and having got orgasm at the same time we leaned back from each other and each of us was probably thinking about how we do not want to get up and go to work...

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