From Internet Into Reality

The story is real and happened to me for the first time in my life...

My name is Andrew, 26 years-old, well-built, six feet tall.

Long ago I was attracted by the theme of group sex and registered on a lot of those sites, corresponded but almost everybody was looking for couples. I have a girl, but she is very shy, so she is hard to persuade to this.

One day I was jerked off at home and suddenly I wanted to feel something inside my ass. First I worked out my hole with lubricant and went in first with one finger and then I thrust in two and three, but I wanted more and I took a cucumber and fucked myself with it for about 15 minutes until the cumshot on my chest...

After that, I began looking for those guys who were looking for men. I found one. He was 33 years old and we began to correspond, exchanging pictures and I wrote to him all my fantasies I would like to try... It had been 2 months and I decided that I wanted to yield to him, we agreed to meet in the daytime and I decided to escape from work for a couple of hours. Before that I shaved all my private parts and the ass smoothly.

And here the long-awaited day had come. From the very morning everything inside me was vibrationg and my ass was already trembling with anticipation.

I drove up to his house and a minute later he came down. He was a good-looking guy a little shorter than me. We said “Hello” and went up to his apartment. While we were sitting, I couldn’t understand my feelings. On one hand I wanted to leave and on the other hand I wanted to take his cock in my hand...

We smoked and I told him I’d like to go to take a shower. He gave me a towel and I went into the bathroom. I removed the shower head, put a hose in the ass and cleaned it with some water. After all procedures I went out wearing only underpants. We had a small talk a little and he proposed to pass into the bedroom.

There were blackout curtains, so it was dark there. He was tight pants under which I saw no briefs and his cock was already bulging out, he began stroking me and kissing my nipples and the stomach. I took hold of his cock and started stroking and wanking through the pants. The cock quickly got firmly up. Then he got down to my dick and started to suck it. I pulled his pants off and began to jerk his cock.

He sucked my cock very cool, smacking with his lips and looking right into my eyes. Then he started to lick the testicles and I said I wanted him to fuck me. We lay down on the bed in the 69 position and his cock rested against my lips. I felt a pleasant smell and at first I licked it over and went on with sucking.

He was moaning with pleasure, however, I began to massage his testicles and the hole in his ass. He was already licking my asshole with his tongue penetrating in there. I loved it. I told him "fuck me". He took condoms and lubricant from the bedside table. At first he oiled my hole penetrating in there with fingers and then smeared his cock with lube.

He asked me what position I wanted. I decided that lying on the side wouldn’t really hurt.

He got a place from behiond and his cock pushed in my hole slowly penetrating in. I was a little bit hurt, so I asked him to wait. He pushed deeper and began stroking me and kissing on the back. After that I started doing upward movements to him to and fro, and he responded.

I took my cock and began slowly jerking off while he was pacing up. I stood on my all fours and the pain subsided. I jerked off my dick and quickly came on the bed. He didn't stop for another minute then he pulled out, licked my dick from sperm. This time I jerked off his dick and sucked too.

Then he asked to fuck him, sucked my dick and it got up again. I pulled the condom on, smeared the lubricant over and began fucking him in the ass. I was holding his shoulders and pecking pretty fast. He groaned with pleasure and arched back.

I got off him and asked him to fuck my ass again. He didn’t mind.

I was jerking off, so again I quickly shot my load and we lay down. I started to wank his cock and lick his balls, since he hadn’t cum yet. Two minutes later he shot his load on his belly. I licked his cum off and went to wash up in the bedroom.

After all we talked a little, I got dressed, said goodbye and left. Now again we are appointing the meetings, because everything was cool.

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