A Trip to the Lake

The story, I'm writing, happened a few days ago.

My friends and I decided to go to the lake for the night. 2 girls: I'm a tall girl with long dark brown hair, breast size 3 and my friend Lena - blonde of medium height; and 4 guys: Sasha – tall bruiser, Mike - a tall guy with beautiful eyes, Egor - boring guy with a pretty face and Stas - the younger brother of Egor.

We took a lot of alcohol and meat. The guys began setting a bonfire and putting up tents, Lena and I went for a swim.

The guys invited us to drink. They drank beer and we drank cocktails. After that we all went for a swim.

Then we drank and ate barbeque. So the evening had passed and the night came.

We slowly went into the tents. I and Lena had to sleep in one tent, the boys in the other one.

Lena fell asleep quickly, but I couldn't sleep. I got out of the tent and came up to the fire. Mike appeared to be sitting still over there.

- Angelina, why aren’t you sleeping yet?

- I can't sleep.

- Well, uh, me too.

We were sitting and talking. It was cold, so Mike gave me a hug.

- Angelina, tell me honestly, do you like me?

The alcohol hit me in the head, and not saying a word I kissed Mike.

He kissed me back and hugged tighter.

So we were kissing for a few minutes and Mike reached under my sweatshirt and started stroking my chest. I didn't resist.

Mike pushed me down on the grass and lay on top. He unzipped my hoodie (underneath there was nothing else) and started to lick the nipples. I was excited.

- Mike, doesn’t anyone see us?

- Do not worry, we’ll go quiet.

He took off my jeans, the panties and started getting undressed myself.

- You will not regret it?

- No, I like you.

Then he got in me.

Mike moved in me very gently, I was quietly moaning and kneading my chest.

Then he began to fuck me in the truest sense of the word. I gagged my mouth with the sweatshirt, because we could be heard.

...It was so pleasant...

His balls slapped over my pussy loudly, I was dripping wet...

Suddenly he began moving faster and I could feel his sperm shot in my vagina...

Then he fell on me...

- Mike, I haven’t cum...

He smiled and looked at me.

- I will help you.

He went down and started licking my pussy, fingering the clit, then poking his tongue in me... Yeah... yeah... my body was shaking...

- Mike, you're so cool.

- You too, baby...

After that we quickly got dressed and went to the tents.

I lay down, but I saw Lena was not asleep.

- Where have you been?

- I... I couldn't sleep, I decided to take a walk.

- Okey, let's sleep then.

Lena turned to me and I felt the touch of her lips to mine...

I was still pretty drunk, so I didn't resist.

I was sliding my hands over her waist and the hips.

Lena threw off the blanket and I saw she was completely naked.

- Do you like it?

I wasn't able to break away from her body. She began to undress me.

After that we continued kissing and she began fingering my clit… I moaned... She stuck 3 fingers in my pussy and began stimulating me.

I came very quickly.

- Now it's your turn.

I went down and ran my tongue over her pussy. She arched her back. I was either thrusting my tongue in her pussy, or then sucking her clit...

Lena was breathing heavily and moaning…

...She was cumming so abundantly, her juice was flowing out like a river, but I kept on licked. After that, we fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

In the morning we were a little embarassed.

- Angelina, I'm sorry, I was drunk, I don't...

- Lena, - I broke her speech, - I liked it...

We kissed.

When we were driving home, Mike was texting me that he liked it and he wanted to repeat. I said I'd think about it, but in my head there was only Lena and her body…

I think I lost a friend, but found a fucking spectacular lover...

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