Money Doesn't Talk

- Why don't you just kill me?

- No, sweetie, I want you to suffer, - I said and thrust another finger in her cunt.

Her cunt vigorously slurped. I caught her this morning. She was going to her University, and I was heading to work.

- Don’t you remember your friends? - I grinned.

- Fuck off, asshole. – She answered

This bitch didn’t even turn to my side.

- From worst to first... When you needed help, so "Paul, dear, help me, please!" What the fuck?! For warm apartment and junk jewelry you are ready to jump in anyone’s bed?

She turned around, her eyes blazing with anger:

- Not to you. - she spat out.

And here I got mad. I brought her flowers, gave protection in our part of town, there were too many hunters for her hole... Still I was just a friend, nothing more. I tried to kiss, but was politely rejected. Saying something “We’re know each other so long ago, it makes no sense and blah-blah-blah. And I was left with nothing. And as on the horizon a cute rich kid appeared, waved his pack of money, she ran away with him, there was even no need to persuade her.

I'm a usual guy, hardworking. Not rich, but it comes after all with age, and those women need everything immediately! I didn’t have much time to think. And I don't like to think, frankly. Pocket-knife, next door apartment, in the head there is the offense for all the whores on this planet. Well, I twisted her, gagged the mouth, pressed the knife to her side, and pulled her to my place. And now I’m raping her methodically.

- Aren’t the straps too tight, darling?

I don’t like to use force against ladies, but what else I could do?

- Goat! Asshole! Bastard! How dare you!?

"Less talking, more doing" - I thought, and gagged her mouth with a sock.

She was tied with belts to the bed, the same bed where so many nights I had spent thinking about her. And jerking off, of course. One finger in her pussy, the second, the third... My cock had been up long, but I needed to be patient. There was no worse humiliation for her, than getting pleasure from a rapist. No one could resist a kiss on the neck. And if you gently run the tongue over, into the ear... and squeeze a nipple at the same time...

- Mmm…

- You whore, why moaning? Do you like it? Of course, you do. I bet your fucker can’t make you bliss out so nicely?

If I knew she’d be so pliable, I’d have raped her 5 years ago. Her cunt was so dripping wet, that she seemed to flood the neighbors soon. I couldn't help it any longer.

- I'm gonna open your mouth. But for using it. Okay, bitch? Just try to scream and you’re done.

Her mouth is so soft, as if specially created for good blowjob. The whore looked like getting pleasure, sucking and not resisting... ah... damn, I hope I won’t cum too early.

- Okay, that's enough for now.

- Untie me, I won’t run away, honestly.

Oh, those deer eyes! There were times, when I could break mountains if only she looked at me that way... Of course, I untied her. She rolled over on her stomach.

- Come on! Get in me, quick! – half-moaning, half-screaming demanded my whore.

What a look! Drooled face, belt marks on the body, a mess of hair on the head, the cunt is dripping wet, the beauty of a girl!

- I’d make a photo of you and send it to your fucker, - I said in time between the frictions.

- No… no… no… please, don’t!

I stuck a finger in her mouth.

- Whore, slut, fucking skank cunt...

Every word - a slap on the ass. And then she groaned so loud, and her cunt contracted so hard.

- Fuuuuuuck! - I roared like a bear, and began pumping cum into her hole.

The next day I again met her in the morning. She was noticeably limping.

- How are you doing, my pretty one?

- Fuck off, moron!!!

We’ll be good. I’m sure.

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