Bus Occasion

It was in May of 2005. I was a second year student in the Institute. After the classes I was going home by bus. The bus was overcrowded. I was standing in the aisle and was permanently being poked by the passengers getting out.

- Young man, do you get off on the next stop?

- No, I do not.

I moved back giving the woman the space to come through.

The woman wore a leather skirt with sewn leather lace strips. It happened so that the pocket zipper on my jeans hooked her laces.

- Oh, I got hooked. Please, help.

I began unhooking her skirt, but failed.

The driver said angrily:

- Are you getting off? Or I’m driving on.

- We are. Wait.

- Young man, will you, please, get off with me, my skirt is too expensive, I wouldn’t like it be torn.

- Okay.

I followed the woman, my cock resting against her ass. Coming out of the bus I began watching how it could have hooked so hard. But the hooked so hard on the pocket zipper and it could only be cut off.

We were standing in a very ridiculous position. A woman of 37 and a young guy of 22 years old snuggled up to her ass.

- I can't unhook it.

- Let’s go to my home, we are looking so ridiculous standing like that. There's my entrance door.

We walked to the entrance and my cock was rubbing against her ass. Before we entered the porch, I still could keep the erection under control.

- I live on the second floor.

When she was going upstairs my cock was getting up and she could clearly feel it. She opened the door and we came into the apartment.

- I think I'd better take my skirt off first and then unhook it.

I nodded.

She undid her skirt and began getting out of it.

She was wearing a white thong and black stockings. Actually I don't like fat bottom women, but this ass excited me so much that I immediately pressed it to my groin. At the same time my hand was immediately getting to her pussy. And as soon as I stroked her pussy with a hand, the woman groaned. Her pussy was already dripping wet.

The woman rubbed my groin harder with her ass.

- Let’s go to the bedroom, I got condoms there.

I followed the woman getting undressed on the way. The woman handed me a condom and lay down on the bed. I put the rubber on and began fucking the woman's pussy.

- Oh how good it is! Come on, baby, deeper! Hell, good!

I was ramming her at full length and in a few minutes, she said:

- Let me get on top.

She climbed on my cock and began jumping. Her boobs number 4 were jumping so beautifully up and down. After 10 minutes of such jumping I had cum. We were silent a few minutes.

- What's your name?

- Alena.

- Sasha.

- Alena, do you give your ass?

- Sure.

I put on a new condom on and put Alena on her all fours. I was pushing my cock into her ass.

Since that day we had met again a couple of times.

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