First Blowjob

It all began not so long ago. I met this guy in summer. His name was Egor. As soon as we began to communicate well, I was feeling some intimacy to this man. After half a year of our communication I appeared to have strong affection to him.

One day, remained with him for the whole night, I realized that I needed to do what I had so long dreamed about. Egor always sleeps wearing only his briefs, no matter, he sleeps with girls (friends) or with the friends (guys). After watching the movie, we went to bed. Since he hadn't slept over two days, he passed out in seconds. I had waited until his sleep became stronger and exactly nothing would be able to wake him up, I got down to work.

The room was small, there was only one bed. And, of course, we slept under one blanket. Turning him on his back, and covering with the blanket, as if accidentally I hugged him in his sleep. My hand went down lower and lower to the cherished place, and then, finally, I groped that very bulge I had long been dreaming of.

“If only he wouldn’t wake up”, I thought.

At my own risk I thrust my hand under the elastic of his briefs. It was a bit difficult to do it by touch, because I was doing it for the first time. Slowly I found what I wanted. That was awesome. My erection was ready to break my pants.

“I thought it would be bigger”...

Grabbing his cock in my hand, I began stimulating it. So nice when the cock of your loved one is in your hands and you can feel with every touch it's getting harder and harder on. When his cock was entirely up and strong, I took the phone to take some pictures for memory. In order to completely explore his cock with my own eyes, I got up and locked the door.

“Hmm... why didn’t I think about it before?”

Having locked the door, I lay back next to him. Removing the blanket, I saw his nice cock. Straight and about 16-18 cm long. Compared to mine, it was just a masterpiece of world classics. Lying beside him on the back, with closed eyes I was jerking him ready to pretend sleeping if he wakes up.

“Damn, I want to taste it”.

I knelt down before him and gently descended my lips to his cockhead. Remembering how they do it in porn, I gently closed my lips around his boner. Permanently, quickly and without ceasing, I was clenching it in my fist. Sometimes smacking with my lips, I was swallowing it to the bottom. I was massaging the penis head with my tongue, my hand caressing his chest. It would have been perfect, but he woke up.

- What are you doing? Are you a gay?

- Egor, sorry, I just couldn't help it. It’s been half a year I wanted to do it, and now, when you’ve been two days without sleep, I thought to please you.

- You know what… I was pleased. All this time I was awake. And to tell the truth, I wanted you as well…

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