Sweet Blowjob for my Beloved Husband

Hello! I want to tell you a story, which has happened to me not so long ago. Make yourself comfortable. Men, open your fly and start wanking the barrel of your gun.

It was at one winter evening. My husband and I watched our favorite movie, when suddenly I noticed his cock making a big tent on his jeans.

I pulled husband's jeans down, and his snake jumped out. The cockhead was swollen and wet with arousal. I pushed my hubby on the sofa, took off his remaining clothes and began playing with his balls by my fingers.

The husband's body was covered with small sweat droplets. His cock was hard as a baton. I got wound up by the sight of standing cock of my husband and I went on playing with his balls.

My hubby was wriggling under the pressure of my fingers, sweet moans escaping his mouth. After playing with the balls I got down to the trunk of his cock.

This evening I decided to suck him utterly, in order not to have the strength for something else.

After the game I took the head of his cock in my mouth running my warm tongue around the head. The moans turned into excited screams.

Licking the head of his cock with my tongue I grasped the trunk of his cock. The rhythm was becoming faster and faster. Swallowing the whole cock down to my tonsils, I felt the first portion of precum getting in my mouth.

I continued sucking the cock faster on. The moans and cries turned into excited growling.

Not paying attention to the growling of my husband, I went on swallowing the cock deeper in. His body was wriggling like a snake with excitement.

I went on swallowing the cock deeper and deeper. Propping up for a moment, I took off all my clothes and put my husband's hand onto my chest. He began avidly groping my tits and at the same time trying to pull my mouth deeper on his cock.

I swallowed the cock trying to suck everything out. Big stream of cum spurted in my mouth and slowly ran down to my tonsils. Trying to suck every last drop, I was greedily swallowing his cum.

After a strong orgasm, I licked the remnants of sperm off his cockhead. As for my hubby, he picked me up from the floor and began greedily groping my tits and the ass.

The smile of satisfaction was shining on his face…

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