Spontaneous Anal Sex

Hello, everyone. I want to tell you a story which happened to me not so long before leaving on vacation with my beloved man. Make yourself comfortable. Men, throw off your pants and start jerking off.

It was early morning. I was going to work when my faithful husband came up to me and asked what time I was going back home from work. He said he was preparing a surprise and he said I would be pleasantly surprised.

The working day passed with tense expectation of surprise. When home, I came into the room and was taken aback. The table was set for two, there was a romantic setting, the candles were lit up and romantic music was playing.

After a couple of glasses of wine I noticed that the cock of my beloved husband was bulging out of his trousers. After I noticed that, my man began undressing me, leaving only the bra and a beautiful black thong on me. He was always excited with my round ass and even more excited when I was wearing a thong of black color. But there’s no need to mention details.

After I stood before him half-naked, he began greedily touching my ass and was growling like a wild animal, his cock was thrusting out. His sweet mouth uttered quiet words: "I want you".

After these words he pushed me on the couch and eagerly began removing my remaining clothes. He put me on my all fours and smeared my little hole with vaseline and began getting settled from behind. I yelled loudly "Don't!", but it was too late.

He drove his cock in my little round ass and began fucking. He was increasing the pace, at that the roaring of the wild beast got louder. With such a buzz I was flying on the seventh heaven and wriggling like a snake under his body.

After enjoying the anal sex I felt a strong jet of sperm erupting into my little hole. Growling with every jet was getting louder, his body was covered with small goose bumps with excitement, his eyes were getting red like bull’s ones.

After such spontaneous anal sex my husband got even more wilder. Sitting on the edge of the sofa and putting me on my knees he began fucking me in the mouth trying to shove his cock deeper in.

His eyes were crazy like of a beast, the whole body was covered with small goose bumps and after this deep blowjob I felt a warm jet of sperm hitting my throat.

I was swallowing them avidly.

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