Rude and Tender

I'm 21, my girlfriend is 18. We live in different cities but we meet 2-3 times a month.

This day was no different, the same frosty gloomy morning, as always. Despite this, the mood was great just for knowing that today my Mila would come to me. I didn't go to the university, I cleaned my apartment, cooked the dinner and began waiting for my beloved. For some reason today I wanted her as never before. Just with that thought my cock was getting up like a spring, but Mila was still a virgin and didn't want to hurry up.

The doorbell rang, I ran to open the door and we merged in a passionate kiss right on the doorstep. I helped her to undress, walked her to the table, we ate and talked. We went into the room to watch a movie she chose, but I barely watched it, there was only one thought in my head was: “I want her. I want her so much!" Mila was lying sideways to me, and just looking at her I was ready to burn. I decided, what will be, will be.

I gently ran a hand over her hips, went higher, kissed her on the neck, the earlobe, one hand began kneading her chest. I was surprised, but she didn't push me away, so I began my attack.

Putting her on her back, I hung above, kissed her on the lips, again on the neck and started to pull off her t-shirt. Mila again didn’t resist. I deftly undid her bra and began to fondle her breasts: one breast I squeezed with a hand while kissing and biting the nipples of the second one.

When I kissed her tummy, Mila uttered the first moan, then I became persistent and undid the button on her jeans going to take them off, but Mila said, "No. I'm not ready. Don’t do that". But I pretended not to have heard her words. She began to struggle, and I went up to her face with the sweetest smile I could give and said: "Honey, don't worry. Today, I’m not going to stop". She began struggling harder, so I tied her hands with a belt to the bed. In the eyes of Mila I could see fear and tears, but I didn’t become a bit softer.

I kissed her again on the lips, as gently as I could, whispered in her ear that I loved and I wanted only her. Mila, apparently, became docile to her fate and began wriggling with my kisses like a snake so clumsily, but at the same time so sexy. I pulled her jeans off completely, gently pushed her panties and ran a finger down to rub her clit. She shuddered. I quickly got rid of her panties. Mila got embarrassed and closed her legs.

I spread them and clung to her pussy, caressing with my tongue and helping with fingers. Mila moaned louder. Then I quickly took off all her clothes and put the dick against her vagina, slowly pushing my cockhead in.

I had waited a little, so she got used to the new sensations. Sharp push, loud moan and so I began moving quicker. She didn’t seem to be hurt, so at this rate it took about 10 minutes. I came on her tummy and removed my cum with a paper towel. I kissed her on the lips and said that was not over yet.

Again I'm plunging in her already more confidently, her face didn’t show she felt pain at all, so I paced up and became rougher. Mila was moaning loudly and begging me to stop, but again I pretended not to be listening to her. Soon she was only moaning, I kept up the pace, and Mila had cum. She was squirming, she bit her lips and whispered “thank you”. I untied her hands, got a slap on my face, then a long kiss followed.

I took her in the bathroom because her legs were weak, washed her, and on my hands I carried her back to the bed.

That day we failed with watching the movie. Mila was either cursing me, or praising for my action. She kissed me and fell asleep in a sweet dream.

I was so sorry that early in the morning she was going to leave again for about a week. I really love her.

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