Me and Her

She was sitting at the very edge of the bed bending her back a little, leaning back and lifting up her juicy breasts. A bit lower of her waist with small tummy she had real slutty hips with rounded ass sitting on the edge of the bed. Her legs in tight stockings were wide spread resting on the floor with toes.

Propping on the left hand she was protruding her breast upward, bending and throwing back her head, her hand stimulating her pussy. Her eyes were blindfolded and the same band was embracing her thick hair in a tail. I was standing before her spread legs, my cock up and I was stroking her legs, sucking her nipples from time to time and kneading her tits.

That made her more enthusiastically open her lips and bend harder when I stroked her back. I didn’t wait long, so I moved closer and drove my cock in her with one thrust. Her open mouth uttered a cry of pleasure.

About ten times I moved my tool in her, kneading her tits and squeezing her ass, then I got out and she again thrust her palm between her legs. I touched her tempting body a little, threw her on the bed. She perfectly knew how to pose. A pillow under the ass, raised up legs a little bent in the knees. I licked her clit, she was waiting for that and opened her pussy wider. I moved away from her stroking her legs in stockings and turned to Sasha.

He was standing still never showing his presence. She didn’t suspect anything yet, but I was pretty sure that when her pussy is being licked, she is unable to resist. “Come on”, I just nodded to him. He came up silently and clung to her clit. She was blissing out, her feet slowly descended on his shoulders.

I quietly moved aside watching her blissing out. I touched his shoulders and gestured that it was high time to drive in her. He grasped her by the knees and drove in with one movement. Her pussy was so wet and juicy that just one movement was enough. She exhaled and he began fucking her.

I don’t know if she got it, or not, but there was no use waiting. I came up to the bed and gave her my cock in the mouth. It began. We were fucking her together about forty minutes, then I shot my load and walked to the kitchen to take a bottle of beer. Sasha was still fucking her. Fucking in a hotel was the first time for her.

We were going home in silence, just being closer to home I ran a hand under her skirt and touched her pussy. We didn’t go home immediately, we turned around the corner where she sucked my dick. We were sleeping good. In the morning she began sucking again, but I stretched out and drove in her ass.

A week later we were drinking beer. I was sitting in the chair while her chubby girlfriend with huge boobs and plump lips was sucking my cock with her watching us.

“And you said you will never let anyone else suck my cock”. She arranged everything with her girlfriend. I don’t know how, but now she got on the arms of the chair and gave me her pussy and throwing her head back. I sucked her clit and came in the mouth of her girlfriend, whose lips were sliding over my cockhead. With a hand I pressed on the head of the girl and she swallowed everything champing and letting the trickles of sperm out over her chin.

My wife was cumming as well letting her juice on my lips. In half an hour I did what I wanted. I was driving in the girl lying underneath with her legs wide spread. She tried to say something about condoms, but I did it before she managed to say anything. When I came in her, she didn’t care already. I washed and went to sleep. My wife walked her girlfriend and went to sleep as well.

The next day was going to be a working day.

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