Special Morning

Today morning appeared to be wonderful and special, I realized this as soon as I woke up. First, the sun was shining through the window, from the outside echoed joyous chirping of birds, and second, today is the first day of my well-deserved and long-awaited vacation. All that made my mood super without exaggeration.

I threw my light blanket away, got up and naked I came up to the window. The air was cool and fresh. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. After standing that way for about five minutes, I decided to go back to the bed and lie there a little longer.

I relaxed.

Filthy but pleasant thoughts were coming to my head and stirring the bottom of my stomach.

I smiled.

My hand involuntarily reached out for the pussy, which seems to be silently humming as if asking to pet her. I stroked her seldom, as usual in the morning there was no time for that: early wake-up, a shower, hasty charges for work, in short - a lack of time. One day off a week was spent as a rule on cleaning and other household cares. But now I got much time. So what am I talking about? Ah, yes. My hand reached out to the pussy... I spread my legs...

At such moments I imagine myself in different and not quite normal situations. Sometimes I imagine someone from the friends of the men as they caressing me with their fingers and tongue, deep passionate kisses with the taste of coffee and a subtle scent of aftershave... on the lips, the neck and all over the body.

Such fantasies about gentle caresses happen not always, sometimes I want the opposite: rudeness and violence, I want to be a toy in the hands of a cruel and powerful man, and sometimes woman. Of course, in the real world I would hardly have done the same thing, but in my fantasies I can do it and repeatedly.

Today, lying on the bed, absorbing the fresh spring coolness and stroking only the hair on the pubis, I decided to combine the romance and cruelty, to fantasize about my recent client. Not to say that he is so handsome, yet sexy and nice young man who came the other day to sign a contract on the supply of goods, but the Director was long away, so we were close for about an hour. Close in the sense that he was waiting for the Director not far from my workplace.

I thought: "Working place, mmmm. Handsome, if you were just much more aggressive, then, perhaps, my "working place" would be yours". At this thought, I ran the middle finger along the vulvar lips up and down, with the other hand I stroked my left breast and twisted a nipple. Imagine your perseverance...

You invite me to a modest dinner, I agree, we are waiting for a table in a cafe, you're giving me a bouquet of beautiful flowers, we are talking about some neutral topic, having dinner, drinking white wine. You are trying to persuade me to go to your place. You're persistent, but I refuse. You are walking me home, asking to come in, but I don't let you. With force you burst through the door, pushing me right down on the floor of my hallway... Yes, Yes, Yes, on the floor...

I inserted the middle finger into my pussy, the thumb touching the clit. You rip off my clothes, saying I should be nice to you, I resist, you completely rip my clothes off and take me right on the floor. I’m moving my finger in the already slippery vagina, alternately caressing my tits. Yeah. I’m not married not because I’m ugly or a bitch, the matter is I do not need a husband in most life cases, but now is the case, when it is necessary. I want to feel his most interesting body part in me.

I removed the finger from my pussy and sniffed it. I noticed how the smell changes when I’m excited. It's different. I licked the finger, put it back and imagined it’s the penis of that handsome guy. Well, in fact, probably, his one must be bigger. I inserted two more fingers. My pussy was dripping wet and the "dick of that handsome" quietly slipped between the hairy lips. No, it’s no substitute ot the real one! A bit short! I got up and walked naked around the apartment to look for something longer. Unfortunately, there was nothing longer, but I found something thicker.

I thoroughly washed tangerines before they filled my itchy insides. I inserted them one at a time, soaked in sunflower oil. Three of them got in. Now, when the steady “handsome’s cock” was in me, I just had to play with my clit and the nipples. Standing at the open window and putting my right foot on the radiator, I was fingering my pussy. Cool and fresh breeze enveloped and caressed my tits. In fact, this particular morning I was on the seventh floor, but as for the feelings… I was on the seventh heaven.

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