The First Time Like A Slut

I had quarreled with my boyfriend and for that reason I had been bored the whole week. I got a call from Oksana right in time. I was invited to go outside the city. Our company was very funny and cheerful. Dima and Maxim studied at the same University where Oksana and I did, they were just the students of senior years. The only stranger was Andrew, Dima’s cousin.

On the way there Oksana and I were drinking beer and laughing at the jokes of the boys. Being on the beach was fun. I did a lot of swimming and sunbathing. Dima always bought me ice cream and fruits. I liked staying on the beach, and I enjoyed.

Gradually the beer relaxed me. Dima increasingly tried to make passes at me: in the water he ran his hands in my panties, stroking the ass and telling me dirty jokes. I couldn’t behave like a whore, so I was embarrassed by his affection. I liked Dima, but there were other people, and Andrew was constantly looking at us.

At one moment Andrew went for a swim and we stayed on the bank. Dima began to caress me even more enthusiastically. I knew how it would end up, but I wanted to fuck very much. In the end, he dragged me into the bushes and began pulling off my swimsuit. I was drunk and didn’t resist. Dima put on a condom,  got into my pussy and started to fuck me quickly.

I was standing half-bent and holding onto the tree. It was a little awkward, but overall I liked it. I tried to nip the cries going to escape from my lips. It was a shame. There wer people sunbathing not so far away. We could be seen or heard. First came Dima, and then he made me cum with his fingers. I had mixed feelings. On the one hand it was cool, but on the other hand Dima fucked me like a worst bitch.

When we returned to the beach, Andrew understood everything. I tried to wash down my shame with beer, so I got a little tipsy. After a while, we were openly making out in the river, and that time Andrew was with us. The guys nearly tore off my swimsuit, and they broke the clasp on the top part of it. I was too drunk to worry about it.

Don't remember when and how I blacked out. Next thing I renember - I'm in the bushes, the boys fucking me. I was pleased, but uncomfortable. It was the first time I had sex with two guys. I couldn’t suck despite all their requests, so the boys had to be satisfied having my pussy in turns. I received several bright orgasms.

I was going back to the summer house leaning on Andrew’s shoulder.

In the evening we drank dry white wine. I went to bed in the same room with Dima and Andrew. Behind the wall Oksana was groaning under Maxim. The guys got wound up as well and so got I. The guys behaved rougher than on the beach. They tried to put their cocks into my pussy and the mouth. No one already thought about condoms. Thanks God, they didn’t shoot their loads inside.

It was hardcore sex. I don't know where they took they strength, but they fucked me long and often interchanged. Andrew forced me to have anal sex. At first it was painful but gradually the pain gave way to pleasure. I came. The guys were cumming on my face, on the back, then they had a little rest and continued our sex marathon.

In the morning I woke up in the middle of the room on the floor next to Andrew. His cock was hanging limp, an inch from my lips. Dima was sleeping on the couch. I got up and washed. It was especially difficult to wash my hair. I had been openly fucked like the worst slut. I was very ashamed even before myself, but the shame was mixed with a sense of deep sexual satisfaction.

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