Woman Spy

The evening came, and my shift was about to begin. Recently I managed to get a job as a watchman at the military plant. It was rather a soft job, which required every few hours getting around the territory, checking the locks and drive away the boys. Nearby there was a village with just 100 people population, gloomy buildings and 2 streets. From the village only one girl used to come to the factory, I could often see her there. She was cute. She had light brown hair, a pretty face and a slender figure.

The village had a school, but after graduation she hadn’t left for a big city, she stayed here. The bulk of the inhabitants were farmers. She worked, helping the military men in the kitchen: cleaning rooms, dining-room particularly and washing clothes. The plant was under repair at that time, there was no production and so there were no workers there. There were only a few soldiers, so I was hired to watch the whole territory, and they could be busy with the warehouse only.

That day Maria came there late, the village was already asleep. She was carrying a basket of clothes and food. Apparently, she brought food for the soldiers. I walked over to the edge of the platform I was standing on and I saw her getting closer to the warehouse. She greeted the security guard and handed the basket with linen.

Suddenly I heard someone’s footsteps from behind, felt sharp pain and lost my consciousness.

I woke up in the night. It was already dark. Unsteadily I walked down to the warehouse hoping to find some help. Upon entering the warehouse, I walked around the boxes and stopped hiding behind the cargo. The room was lit dimly. There was wine on the table, cards and chairs around and Maria at the table. From both sides there were soldiers standing and holding her hands. There were 5 men in the room totally. They were strictly lookingd at the girl, she was crying and trying to explain something, but all that was in vain.

- It’s useless, she says she didn’t take the documents.

- Don’t believe her lies, it was her.

One soldier turned to another and said:

- You said it was a woman that knocked you out.

- Yes, but I'm not sure.

- We will check. Answer our question.

She convulsed with fear when a soldier with the words “now you’ll tell me everything” undid the belt and pulled out his cock in front of her face.

- You will suck it, got it?

The girl shook her head and was punched by them immediately.

I was going to come out and help the girl. I realized that they lost something there, and a mysterious thief knocked me out as well. I was only going to do that as I felt a blade at my throat, and a quiet female voice ordered me: “No sound. Don’t even try to move”. I didn't know what to do. I was kept, there was a threat to my life, and in two steps away two soldiers were holding the girl, removing and tearing her clothes, and the third one was shoving his cock up in her mouth, the other two were standing nearby and jerking off.

- Suck it, bitch!

I was afraid to move, before my eyes the girl was gonna be raped.

The soldier groaned and began to cum into the mouth of the poor girl. She choked and tried to pull the head away, but failed. When he moved away, she spat out cum mixed with saliva. The soldier said: “How dare you spit it out?! Make her swallow everything”.

The next half hour she was being fucked in the mouth and they were forcing her to swallow the viscous liquid. When she was fed with sperm, they began to interrogate her again.

To my shame my dick was hard like a stone, I wanted to join them to fuck the innocent girl in the mouth and cum in her sweet mouth, and then with a terrible delight watch her swallowing and taking the other cocks in her mouth.

- Move slowly and make no sound.

I carefully crawled away. The last thing I saw in the warehouse - five pairs of hands placing the girl on the table and spreading her legs. One soldier stuck his cock in and blood leaked out. I heard her screaming, the laughter and cries of soldiers, and then… silence behind the steel door and I turned out to be alone with the spy…

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