Hi, everyone! My name is Alla. I want to tell you a story that had happened to me when I studied in the Institute. Now I;m 28, but that time I was 22.

So, one evening I stayed until late in the library after lectures. It was late evening and my way home was along the path between the buildings of students’ dorms.

I’ll tell you about myself a little. By that time I was about 50 kgs, middle height, long light hair, nice rounded tits… in short, I was a usual silly student girl dreaming about a prince on the white horse…

Well, when I was walking home I had a strange feeling that I was followed by someone. It was really so. Out from bushes a man jumped out, grabbed me by the hair and strongly hit me in the face. I lost my consciousness.

I woke up in a forest and chained to a tree with a my mouth gagged by my own panties…

He was standing aside and watching me. When he saw I was awaken, he told me not to relax for there was something to be waiting for.

He came up to me from behind and began slowly running his cock between my buttocks and slightly pushing his cockhead on my anus. I felt a week sensation in my stomach and my pussy became wet.

Then he pushed harder and his cock slowly plunged in me from behind. I cried out. Then the merry-go-round game began. He was driving in me and I got goose bumps an my skin with pleasure. In five minutes he came.

He wet a piece of cloth with some liquid and brought it to my face. I conked out again. I woke up in a basement without windows, my wrists were chained to a hook and I was completely naked.

Behind me my torturer was standing and grinning. He said, if I behave good, he would be acting like a usual rapist, but if no…

After saying that, he reached out and took a heavy thing and brought it to me. I couldn’t see what it was, and that made me even more scared. As it turned out to be, it was a huge vibro-dildo.

It was made so, that you could sit on it and there could find a place another partner. So, he shoved that huge cock in my ass and he himself began fucking my pussy. Oh, yes, on one hand I was scared (who knows how big my hole will be after that baton?), but on the other hand I was getting incredible sensations.

After my rapist had cum, he went out, but before he left me fixed me on my all fours with the turned on dildo in my ass. I don’t remember how long it was going on, but after the fifth orgasm I lost my consciousness.

In the morning my rapist came to me as if nothing had happened and began banging my throat. I was sucking selflessly, I was trying the best I could. He said he was happy and he wanted to fuck me standing from behind. Without any ceremony he pulled the chain and I straightened up. He took something like a candle and shoved it in my anus. Having rubbed his cock against my buttocks, he inserted it in my vagina and began pecking me. At that he was able to squeeze my boobs with both hands playing with them.

He kept me there about a week. No one noticed my absence. They all thought I left for home…

After that long torture he threw me out somewhere on the highway and drove away…

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