My Wife Assists Jerkwards

My wife and I live in a nice neighborhood, across the street from our home there is a park. When our son was born, my wife twice a day used to put our son in the baby stroller and take a walk with him in the park. It's quiet there, very peaceful, but there are usually a lot of fist-fuckers who like to masturbate in front of other people. Everybody knew they are harmless and timid, but first time I was afraid for my wife and son.

One day an intelligent-looking man sat down beside her on the bench, took his treasure out and began jerking off thoughtfully. My wife was watching him and then offered him a hand job. The man readily agreed. Valya greased his dong with some cream and rather professionally brought the man to orgasm.

Then they started talking. The man said he was married, but earlier for many years he had been vigorously masturbating and wasn’t able to overcome this addiction which was complicated by the desire for exhibitionism, he needed an audience. His wife left him, but he was not very upset. He asked where my wife had got such skill in this occupation, and she told him that since her childhood, she assisted her two brothers wanking, then their friends, and that was the occupation she liked. She was happy watching a male orgasm and driving this process.

- You are a unique woman, - praised her the stranger, - If I tell my friends about you, you will have a lot of clients for that. But to keep bums and other trash away, you need to make it a paid service, not expensive, a hundred rubles will be quite enough. If you agree, tomorrow I will send the first clients to you. You give them your phone number, they distribute among friends, and they will call you. You will assign the time and the place depending on the weather and your being busy. While it’s warm outside, you can meet in the park, when it becomes cold or rainy weather where can you arrange it?

- It’s possible to arrange it at my home, right in the hallway.

- That’s fine.

The next day my wife took vaseline, a roll of paper towels and went to the park. Beside her bench there gathered a small crowd of horny men. Her first client was collecting money, those waiting to be served alternately rolled the baby stroller, and my wife was working hard with her right hand. The men during orgasm behaved differently. Some came calmly, others groaned, wriggling in convulsions, but none of them laughed, all the customers watched the process with a serious and even stern faces. On the first day my Valya earned about a thousand rubles and extended her knowledge about male orgasm and the anatomy of male genital organs.

Valya worked as an accountant, though before she gave birth to the son she had to work a short time. Imagine her surprise when her hand took hold of the cock of her ex-boss, the chief accountant of their company. She didn't want to take money from him, but he insisted.

- Valya, I would like to be your regular customer.

- I will be very glad, Vasily. It was a pleasure to meet you.

When it became cold, she started serving clients at home in the hallway. Without undressing men were taking out their cocks and stood up in front of valya, and she was sitting in a chair, stimulating them, then she wiped cocks with a paper towel and received her payment.

At first she hid her business from me, but with the cold weather the customers began calling on the phone on weekends, so she had to confess. I didn't mind, honestly. If that occupation was to her liking, it was no threat to me. I let her do it since over the last month she got a rather decent amount of money. That is just additional earning on the business which brought only joy to everyone.

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