My First Romantic Time

Hello! My name is Kira, I'm 20 years old. I'm a brunette, breasts of the third size, the figure is average. When I was 18, hormones already boiled in me. I wanted sex, sometimes there were moments when sitting at the University on classes I imagined how I’m ripping the pants off the prettiest boy in our group. His name was Kyrill, he was 18, same as me.

Don't know how it happened, but we liked each other. He used to telling me jokes and just talking to me. He gave me kisses on the cheeks. I liked that. But he was shy to kiss me on the lips. So I was the first one who did it. After that kiss we started dating.

We were always together, every day he came to me telling stories and jokes. One day when he kissed me, I was overcome with the feeling of desire. I couldn't help it, but I never showed it to Kyrill. Still while we were kissing he noticed that and began laying me down on the couch. I said I wasn't ready yet. He said that if I loved him, I’d yield to him.

I stopped him and said:

- Kyrill, I'm sorry, but not now!

- Okay, I'll be waiting!

I left him with a sense of frenzied desire and guilt.

Next week we had to go to the birthday party of a friend of ours, but we didn't. I called him and told him to come and see me.

When he came, he was surprised.

I was lying on the couch, there were candles and rose petals around. He quickly flew to me and said:

- Well, finally, I’ve been waiting for that so long.

After that I started to undress him and noticed that he had already had a boner. I was kissing him all over.

I wanted to take the whole situation under my own control, but he wouldn’t allow it. He ripped my clothes off and began to caress me all over. I gave myself to him.

Kyrill took off my panties and licked all the juice from my pussy. Oh, I was so excited!

Well, and there came the moment of truth. He began shoving his cock in me. At first it was nice, but then there appeared the hellish pain. I didn't even have time to scream, as Kyrill had already clung to my lips.

He began fucking me so hard and so nice. Oh, that was so cool. I yelled: "MORE, MORE, HARDER, HARDER" and then we both orgasmed. He shot his load in me, but I paid no attention to that. After all Kyrill and I went to the bathroom to take a shower, and there we did it again.

Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I didn't know how to tell him, still I decided to confess. He was so happy to hear that! He said he wanted twins, but we had a baby girl - Christina.

Now we live together and raise the daughter. I wish everyone such first time!!!

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