Riding Bike Off The Mountain

I was riding my bike down to the foot of the mountain, in my headphones “Kiss” was playing. Spring forest flew towards the blue carpet of the first spring flowers. I had to slow down, because walking people prevented from speeding up. And then on the descending path I saw the ass. A young girl in black tights was slowly running raising her ankles high slapping on her own ass with the heels.

I slowed down and slowly drove past admiring her ass. I rode down to the river and not finding anything interesting I decided to go back hoping to admire the beautiful ass again. The girl was in the hollow clearly having a rest. I collected my courage I drove up to her and stopped asking her what exercise she was doing.

Loud laughter confused me. The girl smiled and said she knew what kind of exercises I had in mind. “You were staring at my ass and you may get it if you fulfill one my condition. I want to pee and not just pee. I want to pee in your mouth”.

I was taken aback with such an offer. The heat ran over my body and my cock began to stir. This was no new to me, I just didn’t expect such oddity from so young girl. “Are you cicken?” she again laughed at my embarrassment. “Are you serious?” “Yeah, pretty serious”, she said, and began to climb up the hill where thick bushes grew. Her big ass was swaying in front of my eyes. “Are you going?” she said turning to me and clenched her crotch with a palm, “Or the rain will fall on the ground”. I took hold of the bike and followed her.

Our eyes saw a clearing with logs instead of benches, a fireplace, empty bottles and trash from a picnic. “Go and lie down on the log. The ground is still cold”, the girl took pity on me. After removing the shirt I lay down on the log balancing and bending the legs in the knees and resting them on the ground and so I froze. Lying on the log I saw her ass getting closer to me. The girl was moving her ass towards me. Then she took off her tights together with the shorts and brought her black haired pussy to my face. I was surprised. Usually nowadays girls shave their pussies. But there was no time to think it over, because her cunt had already settled above my face.

Tart smell of sweat and vaginal juice hit my nose, her moist vulvar lips touched my lips and involuntarily recalling all the previous experience my tongue fiercely began licking her cunt and trying to get inside. The girl screamed and moaned, and then in a languid voice she said: “Gotcha, you, perv”. A thin trickle of urine flowed into my mouth. “Swallow it, bitch!” croaked the mistress of the cunt.

Swallowing convulsively I choked and started drinking, because I was afraid of choking. Hot, salty, tart urine was flowing into my mouth with intermittent stream. I heard her moaning and cheering me up. When the girl had finished pissing, she straightened up and spat out: “Get up, we’ll continue”. I stood up covered with piss. “Get undressed”. I pulled off the pants and the shorts staying just in running shoes and with the dick sticking out. She stood on her all fours, spread her chubby hemispheres and ordered me to kneel down and lick her ass. I got down on the ground and began circling around her asshole with my tongue trying to stick it deeper. “That’s all, I can't restrain any longer. Fuck me in the ass, my cunt is a virgin”.

Blissed out with such luck I put the dick against her chocolate eye and pressed it in. It easily moved in, obviously it wasn’t her first fuck in the ass. “AHR!” I growled and began fucking her like a furious gorilla. She moaned, sobbed and asked to go on... Holding her soft hips, I was fucking her in the ass and then I broke down and shot the load. Strong jet hit her rectum. The girl screamed and the scream turned into voluptuous roar. When I had cum, I froze. My heart was beating madly... That was the best riding bike down off the mountain.

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