Repairing The Roof

We live in a private cottage. There was time when we had to repair the roof. I bought materials and invited some men to help.

The work was going well enough. My Lena was cooking dinner for us.

By the evening the job was done and we sat down at the table. We had had a full tank of fuel and went out to have a smoke.

One of the guys offered to relax. He said that he had a girlfriend without complexes and he could call for her. I just needed to send my wife somewhere.

I said “excuse me” and went into the house. I came up to my wife and said:

“The guys want to relax. If you want, we can try groupsex”.

“If you like it, I don't mind", said my wife, leaving a choice to me.

I asked her to put on something brilliant, and she went into the bedroom. She put on only shoes and a belt with stockings.

Entering the living room (the boys were already there), I announced:

“Of course, my wife is not a model, she is a great kisser though. Who wants to try, go ahead, but you must be kissing dressed the same way as my Lena”.

I called my wife. Lena came in all her glory. Looking at her one of the guys got stripped staying just briefs, and came up for a kiss. While kissing Lena was touching his tool through the briefs.

Watching that, the others also got undressed. Everyone was kissing Lena in turn. I gestured the last one to his briefs. He asked me with a gesture – “Remove?”

I nodded.

Kissing him, Lena put her hand down on his briefs. She found a naked tool and surprised she opened her eyes. After the kiss she went down and took it in her mouth. A second later the guys were already without pants and lined up. She gave them short pleasure each and then she stopped.

The guys picked her up and carried her onto the sofa I prepared in advance.

And then began something I can't describe in words. I was the last one. Honestly, she had never been so longed for and beloved for me. When everyone had left, she was unable to get up. I covered her with a blanket and lay down beside her.

In the morning the guys literally swamped her up with flowers. And she promised to repeat the event and so it happened again. But this is quite another story.

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